cucina - ossobuco

Lombard culinary tradition

The restaurant Al Garghet is renowned for typical Lombard cuisine and dishes from Milanese tradition. Here, you will find the typical Milanese flavors such as saffron risotto, ossobuco, kidney, rostisciada, casseuola, and the legendary cutlet. Our pastas, vegetable soups, and desserts are homemade, using only natural ingredients.


The menu varies with the changing seasons, but some great classics remain throughout the year, such as zucchini flowers, Piacenza-style fried dumplings with raw ham and warm, and vegetable fritto misto, made according to the recipe of Teresa, Emanuela’s mother. As first courses, you can always enjoy risottos, tagliatelle, gnocchi, and ravioli seasoned with seasonal ingredients.

Garghet cutlet

Our flagship dish is, of course, the cutlet!

We offer you two versions: the Garghet cutlet, following the recipe of Emanuela’s mother, made from loin, wide and well beaten. “My mother used to cook the cutlet. Veal was too expensive, so our cutlet was made from loin, well beaten to become larger, with double breading. She cut it and filled our sandwiches with it, adding tomato and lettuce, and sometimes even homemade mayonnaise.”

The Milanese cutlet

The second is the classic Milanese cutlet mentioned by Verri, strictly veal, with a thickness equal to the bone and cooked in butter. It involves a very long preparation, as at Al Garghet, we choose only whole parts of veal, worked to perfection to ensure a consistent thickness. It may happen that the Milanese cutlet is not available, but the freshness of the raw material is essential for us. Therefore, we recommend booking it before your visit to ensure this delightful taste experience. Once booked, the cutlet should be consumed.


Thoughtful consideration is given to those who do not eat meat with a rich offering of vegetarian solutions. We also have dishes reserved for those who are gluten intolerant.

The wine list

The wine list at Garghet is rich in products from large wineries as well as those from family production, more niche.