Al Garghet is a unique place thanks to the atmosphere it offers during the different seasons of the year. There are rooms and spaces furnished in the style of English countryside and bohemian France. Among the furnishings, memories of traditional Milanese tenement houses and works of many artists, whom the owner Emanuela loves to surround herself with, along with mementos from her travels around the world, resonate.

Tablecloths play a fundamental role at Al Garghet, and we change them according to the season. The Scottish tartan we use in the winter gives way to delightful Provencal-style tablecloths with roses and an ivory background in the spring andsummer, with the exception of the Kiosk, where I decided to keep the initial tablecloths with white and green checkered table covers.

A particularly special atmosphere is that of Christmas, which Al Garghet begins in early November and lasts until the end of January.