The restaurant Al Garghet has ancient origins, with its main building dating back to the 13th century and located in the then “Gratum Solium,” now Gratosoglio, south of Milan, a region famous for its numerous colonies of frogs. “Garghet” in Milanese specifically means “the croaking of frogs,” which can still be heard echoing in the large flowered garden where you can dine during the summer. The frog has become the symbol of the restaurant and makes appearances in all environments through a collection of refined ceramics.


Al Garghet is renowned for its typical Lombard cuisine and dishes from Milanese tradition, skillfully assisted by Executive Chef Luca Mauri. Here, you can savor “mondeghili,” “nervit,” saffron risotto, ossobuco, kidney, and “cassoeula,” but the most characteristic dish is the Milanese cutlet. Specifically, two types of cutlets are offered: the Milanese Cutlet made with veal with well-trimmed bone and breadcrumbs with butter, and the Garghet Cutlet, the so-called “elephant ear,” following Emanuela’s mother’s recipe made with pork loin, eggs, and breadcrumbs. This type of cutlet originated in the post-war period when, to use less meat, it was pounded to make it larger, and veal was replaced by pork. The freshness of the ingredients is one of the driving values of the cuisine, along with respect for tradition.


Al Garghet is a unique place, thanks to the atmosphere it provides during different seasons of the year. Guests are welcomed into over ten rooms and outdoor spaces, decorated in the style of English countryside and bohemian France. The furnishings echo memories of the traditional Milanese tenement houses, dear to Emanuela, with their significance as places of gathering and sharing. Works of many artists, whom Emanuela loves to surround herself with, and mementos from her travels around the world are not lacking. During the holiday season, Al Garghet transforms into enchantment with lights, trees, and Christmas decorations, mostly purchased in that magical world known as Far Schwartz in New York (the toy store from “Home Alone”). Al Garghet is not just a restaurant but a place where the visual and palate sensations of tasty dishes reawaken the dreams of our childhood.